We do not normally resort to taking action to suspend or withdraw certifications, as we believe in facilitating our clients to maintain their compliance to the standards. However, in circumstances when a non-conformity with certification requirements is substantiated. We will consider, on case by case basis and decide upon the appropriate action.

Certification Suspension

Decisions to suspend the certification can be for, but not limited to, for the following cases:

  • The client’s certified management system has persistently or seriously failed to meet certification requirements, including requirements for the effectiveness of the management system,
  • The certified client does not allow surveillance or recertification audits to be conducted at the required frequencies, or
  • The certified client has voluntarily requested a suspension.
  • Improper use of the certificate, symbol, or logo
  • Existence of a serious complaints indicate that the system is not being maintained
  • Failure to meet contractual conditions of the certification body.

When a non-conformity with certification requirements is substantiated, we will consider and decide upon the appropriate action, which can include:

  • Continuation of certification under conditions specified
  • Reduction in the scope of certification
  • Evaluation review of a certification decision
  • Withdrawal of certification
  • Suspension of certification pending remedial action

Status Of Certification:

Upon request by any party, ra  will state the status of certification of a client’s management system as being suspended, withdrawn or reduced.

Intention To Withdraw:

Please use the Contact Us form to request a reduction in scope or withdraw from a certification. All requests must be in writing and directed to the Certification Manager. You may also send your requests by sending an email to certification@risk-associates.org