It is imperative to Risk Associates that impartial and transparent assessment and certification services are provided to each client. We highly appreciate and encourage comments and feedbacks from concerned parties on the performance of applicant and certification body in order to improve services. We vow to address all enquires including suggestions, complaints, appeals and misuse of certification status or ra logo with equity, in an appropriate and timely manner.


Expressions of grievance or dissatisfaction with a certification, service or performance of Risk Associates (ra) or staff that require a response is managed as a complaint.

Upon receipt of a complaint, ra acknowledges the complaint within 5 days of receipt, and immediately initiates an internal complaint management process to investigate, analyse and assess the complaint. All complaints responses are made by the Compliance Manager within 30 days of receipt of the complaint. Complaints about compliance or certification decisions are handled as appeals, while all other issues involving complaints are handled as business disputes.


An appeal is a request for ra to reconsider a certification decision, the customer can contest the findings by making an appeal in writing , addressed to the Compliance Manager. All appeals will be dealt as complaint and upon receipt of a complaint, acknowledgement will be provided within 5 days of receipt. The Appeal Panel will be responsible to decide on the outcome of the appeal. The Appeals Panel ensures independence and impartiality of the appeal process. The compliance manager will inform the client about the out of the appeal.

Application For Complaints and Appeals

Please use Contact Us to lodge a complaint or appeal. All requests must be made in writing to the Compliance Manager. You may also file a complaint or appeal a decision by sending an email to